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Here we have Hoya, Sungyeol, Sunggyu, and Myungsoo looking cool and manly in their fight scenes 

Then we have Sungjong who gets to fight with an umbrella 

And Dongwoo using a skateboard…

Meanwhile Woohyun doesn’t really fight, he just gets beat up

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Anonymous said: Woohyun is so desperate I bet he writes woogyu fanfics on his own



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Anonymous said: How would myungsoo/sunggyu/sungjong gets your attention when they felt bored because you were too concentrate on your work?


Myungsoo would just sulk in the corner while continuously staring at you. If that didn’t get your attention, he would start sighing loudly and make little whiny noises to distract you. If that didn’t work either, he’d give up and ask “How much longer are you going to work? Take a break so I can spend time with you!”

Sunggyu probably wouldn’t disturb you while you were working. If anything, he would admire your work ethic! He might even test you by asking you to do things, like “___________-ah, can you hand me the remote?” If he absolutely couldn’t entertain himself anymore, he would nag you until you gave in. 

Sungjong too wouldn’t want to bother you while you were working. If he really wanted your attention, he would earn it! For example, he would give you snacks, massage your shoulders, make you tea, etc.

~ Admin S

There’s also a similar scenario Admin S wrote for this here!
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Anonymous said: How would Infinite react if you were busy doing your homework and didn't give them enough attention?


Please remember to adhere to our 3-4 member limit per question! Luckily, this question has already been answered for three of the members here! I’ll answer this for the rest.

Dongwoo wouldn’t bother you. Although he’d wish you were spending time with him, he would also understand that homework to you was like practice for him. Instead, he’d patiently wait until you were done, dropping in now and then to give you snacks!

Woohyun would accompany you at your desk, in your room, wherever you were doing your homework! He’d chat with you while you were working, unless you didn’t want him too. In between the conversation, he would remind to continue doing your homework haha.

Hoya wouldn’t bother you. He’d keep his distance, not wanting to be a distraction, because you studying would be more important to him. The moment you’re done though, he’d whisk you away on a date!

Sungyeol would try to distract you by putting on your favorite show, making lots of noise while playing a game, anything to get you to take a break and spend time with him!

~ Admin S

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To be ‘educated’ is to be indebted.


My current life feels.

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Anonymous said: I just refreshed the page and got super confused for about five seconds. Then I recognized Sunggyu in the gif reaction and everything became alright again ahaha


Haha! Please excuse us while Admin S works on a new layout! ^^

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